Sociological Analysis of Teaching in India and Persisting Digital Divides in the Pandemic

Dr. Nupur Pattanaik (Central University of Odisha)


With the pandemic there have been various transitions and shifts in the pedagogy of education in India, with teaching and learning methods witnessing metamorphosis. Sociology as a discipline teaches to be adaptable with the society in changing circumstances. The subject and the forms of teaching by addressing the existing divides and inequalities and by arriving at a balanced world in this crisis was a major challenge. The difficulties arising with pandemic teaching and learning, specifically people residing in remote locations, was a major issue. This paper evaluates how teaching sociology in Covid-19 times is connected to new forms of pedagogy, within the context of the importance of education for the growth and development of nation. Sociology can address the social changes brought on by the transformation of India’s education system with the NEP (New Education Policy) 2020. Teachers and students reshaped themselves with new forms of online learning and teaching under the NEP’s timing and meaningful approach to education. The discipline of sociology embraces all vital aspects of social life, especially to mould oneself with the situation and times. Empowering the students remains an utmost priority.

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