To Boldly Teach: An Incredible Voyage Teaching the Beauty of Sociology, 1982-2020

Dr. Henry Lee Allen (African American Institute for Advanced Scientific Research)


The unfolding of any academic career contains a level of mystery as one engages structural opportunities and constraints, dreams and aspirations, unexpected challenges or setbacks, as well as, one’s own limitations and mistakes. After retiring from 38 years of teaching sociology in a range of academic institutions within the United States, below are my selective subliminal and conscious reflections. As such, this is a reflective essay that contains all my biases and proclivities. For me, teaching sociology at the postsecondary level has allowed me to pursue the most constructive ideas about humanity—especially those concerning individuals, groups, networks, institutions, organizations, social justice, and social systems. While my pathway was unique in many respects as an African American sociologist, I hope that all who pursue the sociological imagination across generations and various global populations will benefit from my particular adventures to boldly teach the controversial beauty of sociology. Humanity needs sociology now more than ever. Those of us who have been given the exquisite privilege to explore the life of the mind in this academic field are truly among the chosen ones. Never stop being bold in your teaching, research, and service to all humankind! Sociology matters greatly to all, even if intentional dullards or vested interests do not recognize its inherent worth!

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