Pedagogy Series

Photo by :  Janko Ferlic (Unsplash)


This publication is a collaboration between the ISA’s Social Justice and Democratization Space (SJDS) – a dynamic portal for a global community of sociologists – and the ISA’s new thematic group, Sociological Teaching. Sociological Teaching brings together international sociologists who have an active research interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, specialize in teaching sociology, and/or incorporate sociological insights into their teaching practices. This publication invites contributions from scholars working around the globe. We welcome theoretical work, empirical studies, descriptions of teaching practices, reflections, or commentaries related to the broader fields of teaching sociology and sociological teaching.




Dr. Katherine Lyon

Assistant Professor of Teaching / Sociology 

University of British Columbia


Dr. Annette Tezli 

Instructor / Department of Sociology

University of Calgary 


Editorial Board Members


Richy Srirachanikorn, University of British Columbia, Canada 

Lori Jane Pasaraba, University of Calgary, Canada

Alhan Yazdani, University of Calgary, Canada

Courtney Petruik, University of Calgary, Canada