Issue 4, January 2022



Table of Contents and Letter from the Editors 


Featured Essays


Researcher's Role: Teaching Social Research Methods with Participatory Theater and Role-Playing Techniques         

Dr. Alma Pisciotta         (University of Calabria)                                                                                                           

Dr. Luciana Taddei       (University of Salerno/Calabria)


Reshaping Social Relations in Educational Theory and Practice: A Global Teaching and Decolonizing Collaboration *                                                                                                                                                                

Dr. Melanie E. L. Bush (Adelphi University / UNISA)                                                                                                   

Dr. Nokuthula Hlabangane (University of South Africa)


*Reshaping Social Relations in Educational Theory and Practice: A Global Teaching and Decolonizing Collaboration (Melanie E L Bush and Nokuthula Hlabangane) will be published later in 2022 in Jean Lau Chin, Yolanda E. Garcia, and Arthur W. Blume, Editors, The Psychology of Inequity: Global Issues and Perspectives.  Praeger. Courtesy ABC-CLIO.